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ARTIST TITLE Record Cover Price
U.T.F.O. We Work Hard (full version) / Kangol & Doc, p/s, COOLX 128 Ex Ex £4.00
UGLY DUCKLING I Did It Like This / I Did It Like This (Instr) / Friday Night / Friday Night (instr), titled sleeve, MAGICT 10 Ex Ex £4.00
ULTIMATE ILLUSION fear. MC Badboy Kickin' It Down (Bassy G remix) / Kickin' It Down / Technotrance mix / Energy Flow, p/s, GTX 32 Vg+ Vg+ £4.00
ULTRA NATE Found A Cure - Remixes, 2 x 12" PROMO, p/s, AMPMDJ 126 Ex- G £3.50
ULTRA NATE It's Over Now (original classic mix / 1989 with attitude mix), p/s, YZ440T Vg+ Ex £3.50
ULTRA NATE New Kind Of Medicine, 2 x 12" Promo, David Morales & Danny Tenaglia mixes, titled sleeve, AMPDMJ140 Ex Ex £5.00
ULTRAVOX We Came To Dance / Overlook, UK Chrysalis, p/s, VOXX 1 Ex Ex £4.00
UNDERCOVER Never Let Her Slip Away (essential mix) / Sha Do (extended mix), p/s, PWLT 255 Ex-   £4.00
UNIQUE 3 feat. Karin Rhythm Takes Control + original style mix / instrumental mix, p/s, TENX 327 Ex/Ex   £4.00
UNIVERSAL TRANCE VOLUME THREE Various Artists Universal Trance Vol.3 - The Trip Back: Albion (Luxoria) / Olmec Heads (Lift Off) / Erazor India (Brainbug remix), p/s, BOX 013-6 Ex Ex £3.00
UPPER LEVEL Miss You (The Remixes): Lost Witness remix / Sagittaire remix, perceptive 1001R Ex   £3.00
URBAN DELIGHTS Rock 'N' Roll Star / Instrumental / Crush / Instrumental, p/s, White Label Promo (stickered), UNIQ 095 Ex   £4.00
URBAN DELIGHTS Rock 'N' Roll Star / Instrumental / Crush / Instrumental, p/s, German, Unique 095 Ex Ex £4.00
VALENTINO KANZYANI House Soul (Audio Soul Project remix / DJ Q remix), White Label PROMO, IN-TEC013 Ex   £3.50
VALERIE M Something Inside Of Me, Yellow Vinyl, PDC001 Ex   £4.00
VELO DELUXE Vello Deluxe / Bothering The Clown / Dusted / Back To Bugland, Promo, VELOD 001DJ Ex   £4.00
VENTURA Birds (extended version / synapse dub / orig.instrumental version / extended dub), MOC 1843.6 Ex   £4.00
VERTICAL HOLD Summertime (original / jazzy dub / percappella) PROMO, titled sleeve, 12 BRW 109 Ex   £3.00
VERVE She’s A Superstar / Feel, UK Hut Recordings, picture sleeve has a little edge wear / small scuff to centre of spined, HUTT 16 Ex Ex- £22.00
VICKI SHEPARD Disco Inferno (vocal remix / original mix) / Infernal dub / PMT ad libs) co.sleeve, PROMO, 3BTT 11 Ex- Ex £3.00
VILLAGE PEOPLE Sleazy (Disco version) / Save Me (Uptempo version), p/s, UK Mercury, 9198 478 Ex Vg £4.00
VILLAGE PEOPLE San Francisco (You've Got Me) / Macho Man, titled sleeve, DJR 18003 Ex- Ex £4.00
VILLAGE PEOPLE Sex Over The Phone (remix / instrumental remix), Record Shack Recs, p/s, SOHORT 34 Ex Ex- £4.00
VIRGINS Bewitched / Mahogany Eyes / Something True / Glorylands, p/s, V1 Vg+ Ex £4.00
VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE Perfect Place / Shine Away / Sit Down (Live) / Trust Me (live), 10" Pic.Disc, die-cut p/s, LONT 312 Ex Ex £5.00
VOLATILE AGENTS feat. Simone Benn Hooked On You (12" edit / radio edit / Plaid n Deanyboy remix / Liam Don Remix (competition winner), p/s, MPRV 10 Ex Ex £4.00
W.A.S.P. Forever Free (Eagle edit) / LOVE.Machine (Live) / Blind In Texas (Live) single sided vinyl signature etched on B side, Poster bag sleeve, 12CLS 546 Ex Ex- £5.00
WAH! You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory / Hope / Year Of Decision / Sleep / L'espwah!, p/s, X9880T NM Ex+ £4.00
WARP 9 Nunk / Nunk Instrumental, UK Arista, ARIST 12 509 Vg+   £5.00
WARREN G feat. Adina Howard What's Love Got To Do With It (album version / radio version / instrumental), p/s, INT 97008 Ex Ex £3.00
WARRIOR Warrior (club mix / Robbie Riveras Puerti Rican remix, edit / Trick or Treat remix fear. MC Tails) p/s, CENT12T Ex Ex £4.00
WE FREE KINGS Still Standing / Run Run Run / Unholy Ground / This Train, UK D.D.T. Records, includes 6 page press release insert, DISP 9T Ex Ex £4.00
WEBBER, MARLENE Cheating Is / Version (Third World Recordings) JUDIS 108 Ex   £10.00
WESTERN BLOCK introducing Terri Symon Right Here Right Now (extended twelve / 7" / Instrumental) p/s, UK Epic, 656182 6 NM Ex+ £3.00
WESTWORLD / BODINES / WORLD PARTY / MIGHTY LEMON DROPS Free 5 Track E.P., Westworld (Bubble Bo Diddley) / The Bodines (Back Door) / World Party (World Groove) / Might Lemon Drops (Take Me Up / Out Of Hand), promo, RM6 Vg   £3.50
WE’VE GOT A FUZZBOX AND WE’RE GONNA USE IT Rules And Regulations (Splendiferous mix) / XX Sex / Do I Want To? / She / Aaarrrggghhh!!!, Single sided 12” etched on one side, plain green label on playing side, UGH 11T Ex+ Ex+ £5.00
WHITE, ANDY Six String Street / Travelling Circus / There Were Roses / 20 Years, p/s, GOT 015T Ex Vg £4.00
WHITE, KARYN Superwoman, PROMO SAM 544 Vg+   £3.50
WHITE, LENNY Lady Madonna / 12 Bars From Mars, Special Ltd Edition, K 12328 Vg   £4.00
WHITEOUT No Time / U Drag Me (Version) / Get Me Through, UK Silvertone, picture sleeve, ORE T 61 Ex Ex £4.00
WHYCLIFFE One More Time (Journeys / Opaz Quiet Storm mix / Opaz 12" mix / Opaz deep in the jeep) p/s, MCST 1955 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
WIDE BOY AWAKE Bona Venture / Ravers Red Light / Whooping On The Roof / Come Back Friday, p/s, WBAT 2 Ex Ex £4.00
WIDE-WORLD E.P.One: Progression Original / Voice / K-Lab Remix 2 / K-Lab Remix 1, Belgium, co.sleeve, BP 9608-12 Ex Vg+ £4.00
WILDE, EUGENE Gotta Get You Home Tonight (vocal + instrumental) 12BRW 15 Vg   £3.00
WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYS These Arms Of Mine / Poor Boy Boogie, 10" vinyl, UK Decca/Ripple, p/s (tiny sticker scuff), T 880 917 7 NM Ex- £10.00
WINSTON REEDY Superstar / Baby Love, DEP 17-12 Vg   £4.00
WINSTON REEDY Everyday I Write The Book / Version / Need Some Time To Think, UK Priority, p/s, PX 14 Ex Vg+ £4.00
WITHIN A DREAM Where Is The Feeling (12" mix) / Maybe Tomorrow (12" full mix . less is more mix) Promo, titled sleeve, 12 BRW 267DJ Ex- Ex £3.00
WITNESS Loverman (self-indulgent remix / orig. / Steve Proctor remix), PROMO, AMYDJ 776 NM   £4.00
WIZZARD feat. Dr. Magic Rock Express / Skat Me Up Doc / Gee Wizz, Grey Vinyl, WIZZ 19 Ex   £5.00
WONDER STUFF Don't Let Me Down Gently (extended) / Don't Let Me Down Gently / It Was Me, p/s, CON X7 Vg+ Ex £4.00
WONDER, STEVIE Overjoyed + vocal + instrumental, (wol/sol), p/s, ZT 40568 Ex Vg+ £4.00
WOOKIE Whats Going On? (vocal mix / dub mix), titled sleeve, S2S 001 Vg+   £4.00
WOOKIE feat. Lain Get Enuff (extended mix / radio edit / reworked by the Exement / Dobie extended mix), titled sleeve, S2SP002 Ex- Ex £3.00
WRECKLESS ERIC Hit And Miss Judy / Let's Go To The Pictures / I Need A Situation, Orange Vinyl, die-cut titled sleeve, S12BUY 49 Ex Ex £4.00
YAZZ Fine Time (feat. Colonel Mite) / Dream, p/s, BLR6T Ex Ex £3.50
YOJO WORKING I Believed In You (disco mix / radio edit / club mix / ministry dub), Ministry of Sound, p/s, SOMT12 Ex- Ex- £4.50
YORK The Awakening, 2 x 12" Promo, Quake remix / mellow mix / Natious remix / suspicious remix, titled Manifesto sleeve, YORDJ1/2 NM Ex- £5.00
YOTHU YINDI Treaty (filthy lucre remix / radio mix / djulpan seven sisters mix / vco buzz mix / acapella), p/s, HWD116T Ex Ex £4.00
YOU Blow (Ocean mix / Brain mix), p/s, 12R 6373 Ex Ex- £3.00
YOUNG GUNZ Tough Love: No Better Love / Friday Night / Grown Man / Tough Luv / Never Take Me Alive / Parade, Promo, titled sleeve, TOUGHDJ1 Ex Ex £4.00
YUKMOUTH Thugged Out - The Albulation: Thugged Out feat. Regime / Godzilla / Menage A Trois feat. Tela / Still Ballin' feat. Outlawz Bright Orange vinyl in picture sleeve, Virgin / Rap-A-Lot Records, VUSLPDJ 154 NM Ex £5.00
ZED BIAS What Can I Do (Zed Bias vocal mix / Zed Bias dub) W/Label, WBADJ-74 Ex-   £4.50
ZZ TOP My Head's In Mississippi / A Fool For Your Stockings / Blue Jean Blues, UK Warner Bros, Gatefold picture sleeve, W0009(T) Ex+ Ex+ £5.00
ZZ TOP TV Dinners (full length vers) / Cheap Sunglasses, UK Warner Bros, p/s, W 9334(T) Ex Ex £4.00
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