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ARTIST TITLE Record Cover Price
D.J.H. feat. Stefy I Like It (house mix / party cut / flip mix / radio cut), p/s, PT 44742 Vg+ Ex £4.00
D.J.K. TUFF TUNES Well Wicked (the red mix / the t.r. mix), DJK06 Ex   £4.00
D.O.A. War On 45: America The Beautiful / Unknown / Rich Bitch / Lets Fuck / War / I Hate You / War In The East / Class War, Uk Alternative Tentacles Records, picture sleeve, VIRUS 24 Ex Ex £10.00
D.S.K. What Would We Do? (sol bros soundclass remix / clay & dellers industry standard nu dub mix / c & d industry standard mix / grant nelson mix) FRSHT 63 Ex   £4.00
D.S.M. Warrior Groove (+ ashante mix ) DAZZ 45 Ex Ex £5.00
D12 Sh!t On You + Instrumental / Under The Influence, p/s, 497 496-1 Ex Ex £4.00
DA MOB feat. JOCELYN BROWN4 Fun (Main vocal mix / Mongofun dub / Basement Jaxx's Mongoloid dub / T & F vs. Walterino mix / M.A.S. and UOVO remix / Jonathan Tedesco Hard mix / Jonathan Tedesco radio mix), 2 x 12" pack, (Italian), ARP 21018 Ex   £6.00
DAINTEES, THE Trouble Town / Jealous Mind / Better Plan, Kitchenware Recs, SKX 13 Ex+ Ex £4.00
DAKRASH Wasn't I Good To Ya? (12" mix / dub / edit / bonus beats / TV mix), USA 1988, titled sleeve, V-15344 Ex Ex £4.00
DAMAGE Still Be Lovin' You (matt jam lamont & dj face mix / mat jamm lamont & dj face instr./marvel & eli ready to roll mix / marvel & eli marvelious dub) p/s, 12colddjx355 Ex Ex £4.00
DAMNED Gigolo / The Portrait, Ltd Edition Clear Vinyl, p/s, GRIMT 6 Ex Ex- £4.00
DAMNED Anything (Another mix) / The Year Of The Jackal / Thanks For The Night (Rat mix), picture sleeve, GRIMT 5 Ex Vg+ £4.00
DAMNED Anything / The Year Of The Jackal / Thanks For The Night (Rat Mix), p/s, GRIMT 5 Ex Vg+ £3.50
DANCE WITH A STRANGER The Invisible Man (remix) / Little Woman / Hey Joann, German RCA, p/s, PT 43604 NM NM £5.00
DANGER DANGER Monkey Business / Naughty Naughty / Boys Will Be Boys, 12" Picture Disc in die-cut sleeve & large fold-out poster, 65771 8 Ex- Ex- £4.00
DANIELLE DAX The Janice Long Session: Fizzing Human Bomb / Pariah / Ostrich / Numb Companions, UK Strange Fruit / Nighttracks, SFNT 006 Ex Ex £5.00
DANNY MIRROR I Remember Elvis Presley ( The King Is Dead ) Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Tribute Record ( 1977 ) SON 2121 Nm   £2.50
DANNY VIRGO / JUNIOR RAP & RED EYE I Made A Date (With My Baby Last Night) / Version Ex+   £5.00
DANNY WILSON The Dundee Demo's, 4 track Limited Edition 10" vinyl, no. 1697, p/s has some discolouration spots, VS 943-10 Ex Ex- £5.00
DARBY, TERENCE TRENT Do You Love Me Like You Say? (PROMO), XPR 1901 Ex   £3.00
DAVE HOLLISTER / JESSE POWELL & OTHERS The Big Payback (Dave Hollister)/Talking In Your Sleep (Jesse Powell)/Where Is The Love (Black Eyed Peas)/Bury Me Ag (2Pac & Isley bros)/Get Low (Freestyle)/La La La Remix (Jayz), PROMO 057 Ex   £6.00
DEAD OR ALIVE That's The Way (I Like It) extended version / Keep The Body Strong (That's The Way), UK Epic, p/s, TA4271 Ex Ex £4.00
DEE Feeling Um Pa Paa Paaa 2 x 12" (solitaire vocal mix / dub to cha cha / F.A.H. dub / hard on dub, PROMO, FXDJ 285 Ex-   £5.00
DEF LEPPARD Heaven Is / She’s Too Tough / Let’s Get Rocked (Live), Numbered Limited Edition 12” Picture Disc, number 07686, UK Bludgeon Riffola, in clear PVC sleeve with picture / credits backing sheet, LEPX 9 NM Ex £10.00
DELAKOTA 555 (Sound's remix / Sound 5 instrumental remix) co.sleeve, GOBX14Dj NM Ex £3.00
DELERIUM Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey remix / Key South remix), p/s 5-037703-3102-1-6 Ex Ex £4.00
DELIVERANCE People Like Us (feat. Cindy Dickinson) p/s, PASH12 63 Ex Ex £4.00
DELTA HOUSE OF FUNK The State Tapes: Be Here / Changed / River 10 Through Brentford Rd / Harry Coltranes National Holiday, Promo, co.sleeve, GOPRO 117 NM Ex £4.00
DELUXE AUDIO (VARIOUS ARTISTS) Angel Moraes, Funk Train / First Choice, Let No Man Put Asunder / East West Express, Let's Start The Dance / Definitive, I don't know if I should call you baby / David Bendeth, Feel The Real, 2 X 12" Ltd Edition Sampler, Ex   £5.00
DEMON In The Park (album version) / Riddim In The Park (album version) / CruszIn The Park (album version), pic.sleeve, Columbia 674747 6 Ex Ex £4.00
DENNIS BROWN Lovelight / Burning - Version (Special Players), Yvonne's Special, YS0010 Ex-   £10.00
DENNIS BROWN Halfway Up, Halfway Down / Weep & Moan, UK A&M, p/s, AMSX 8250 Ex Ex £5.00
DENNIS EDWARDS You're My Aphrodisiac / Shake Hands (Come Out Dancing), UK Gordy, TMGT 1340 Vg+   £4.00
DEPECHE MODE People Are People (different mix) / In Your Memory (slik mix), UK Mute Records, picture sleeve, 12 BONG 5 Ex Ex £6.00
DEPECHE MODE Enjoy The Silence (7” version) / Enjoy The Silvence (hands and feet mix) / Enjoy The Silence (ecstatic dub) / Sibeling, UK Mute Records, picture sleeve has light ring-wear, tiny scuff to front and 4cm scuff to centre of spine, 12BONG 18 Ex Vg £9.00
DEREK AND THE DOMINOES / ERIC CLAPTON Layla (full version) / Wonderful Tonight, RSOX 87 Ex   £5.00
DESKEE Kid Get Hyped (vocal mix / raydio / raw mix / dub mix) p/s, VVBIG 27 Vg+ Ex- £3.00
DETROIT SPINNERS Body Language / With My Eyes, UK Atlantic, K 11392(T) NM   £4.00
DIGITAL UNDERGROUND Doowutchyalike (Just throw a breakbeat rmx / playhowyalike mx /DJ Mark ext.mx / LP vers) cartoon inner, G/fold p/s, BCM 463X Ex Ex £4.00
DIPLOMATS, THE, feat. Cam'Ton, J.Jones & J.Santana Built This City (Radio / LP vers / Instr) / I'm Ready (Radio / LP vers / Inst), Promo, titled sleeve, DEFR 15775-1 Ex Ex £3.00
DIRTY GAMES, VARIOUS ARTISTS Dirty Games (UK Garage mix), Groove Committee / Special Place - Unknown Artist, W/Label, SYD 001 Vg+   £3.50
DISKREET Head Retreat (Original / Headspace130704lacklustermx) / Hehlektro (original / vae's rednow noisrev) ihme001 NM   £10.00
DJ DREAM Love (Traumatic Remix / Club Version), p/s, Energetic Records, co.sleeve ER 003 Ex Ex £15.00
DJ S'N'M versus E-SMOOVE Lovin' Is Easy (vocal / dub), PROMO Ex   £4.00
DJAIMIN Give You (mx 91 dancefloor syndromad / hype groove mx / mx 91 zanz mix / remx 92 dream sequence mx), German, co.sleeve, ZYX 6850-12 Ex- Vg £3.50
DOCTOR AND THE MEDICS Happy But Twisted / Round & Round / Auntie Evils Dormitory / Mole Catcher / Silver Machine, UK Illegal Records, picture sleeve, Medics T1 Ex Ex £4.00
DODGY I Need Another E.P.- I Need Anuther / Never Again / If I Fall / Hendre-DdU, p/s, POL 122 Ex Ex £4.00
DODGY Water Under The Bridge / It's Been So Long / She Wants My Loving / Valuable Fool, p/s, POL 122 Ex Ex £3.50
DOLLY PARTON Baby I'm Burnin' / I Wanna Fall In Love, UK RCA Victor, co.sleeve, PC 11425 Ex   £4.00
DOOLALLY Watch This Space (doolally dub / doolally club), Clinical Records, CLN004 Ex   £7.00
DOT ALLISON Close Your Eyes (Slam pressure funk mix / Slam counter plan mix), Promo, HVN 9312P Vg+   £3.00
DOUG E FRESH & THE GET FRESH CREW All The Way To Heaven (extended vers) / Nuthin / All The Way To Heaven (instr) / Nuthin (instr), p/s, COOLX 119 NM Ex £4.50
DOUGLAS, CAROL Night Fever / Let You Come Into My Life, (wol), GULS 62-12 Vg   £3.50
DR ALBAN Hello Afrika (Ahhh Frika Mix / Ahhh Frika Mix / Denniz PoP mix), Promo, ALBAN 1 Ex   £3.50
DR. & THE MEDICS Spirit In The Sky / Laughing At The Pieces (studio vers) / Love Peace and Bananas / Happy But Twisted / Fried Egg, Bad Monday / Good Golly Miss Molly, poster bag pic sleeve, IRMTB 113 Ex Ex £4.00
DRAGONFLY (SHAKTA / DIGITALIS) Shakta - 'Out Of Sight' / Digitalis - 'Falling Down', BFLT61 Ex   £5.00
DRAGSTER & TOMBA Listen / Above The Parallel, Boks Vinyl, co.sleeve, BOK1 Ex Vg+ £4.00
DRAMATIS No-one Lives Forever (remixed long vers) / For Future Reference / Take Me Home, p/s, XPRES 6312 Ex Ex0 £4.00
DRAMATIS / GARY NUMAN Love Needs No Disguise / Take Me Home / Face To Face, textured titled cover, BEG 68(T) Ex- Vg+ £4.00
DREAD ZEPPELIN Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street) / Your Time Is Gonna Come / Torteluis (A Bad Trip), p/s, IRS, EIRST 146 Ex Ex £4.00
DREAD ZEPPELIN Your Time Is Gonna Come (Edit) / Woodstock / Hey Hey What Can I Do, large fold-out poster bag with glossy pic.inner, DREAD T1 NM Ex £7.00
DREAM ACADEMY Love (Extended mix) / Mordechai Vanunu / Love (dream house mix), NEG 46(T) Ex   £4.00
DUBONIKS Grip On Your Head: Don't Panic / Emily's Story / Touching Cloth / Grip On Your Head, p/s, DIST 016 NM NM £3.50
DUBONIKS Grip On Your Head: Don't Panic / Emily's Story / Touching Cloth / Grip On Your Head, p/s, DST016 Ex Vg+ £4.00
DUBSTAR Anywhere - The Mixes, 2x12" Promo, mixes by Kieth Litman, Graeme Park & Crunch, p/s with black inners, 12fooddjx67 NM NM £5.00
DUBSTYLE UNRELEASED DUBS VOLUME TWO, VARIOUS ARTISTS 3 x 12" set, Bedrock feat.KYO / Balouga Boys vs Blue Amazon / Visions feat.Dianne Lynne / Superstarts of Rock, 6 Tracks, STR DP 7 Ex+   £6.00
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Nothing Has Been Proved (Dance mix) / Nothing Has Been Proved / Instrumental, p/s, 12R 6207 Ex- Ex £4.00
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD In Private (12" version / 7" version / Instrumental version), Titled sleeve, 12R 62234 Ex- Ex £4.00
DYLANS Godlike / Love Vibration / Always, UK Situation Two, p/s, SIT 75T Ex Vg+ £4.00
E.H.E. E.H.E. 24.24 (Federation of Drums), (german) FOD 24 NM   £4.00
EASTON, SHEENA What Comes Naturally, (2 versions), (sol/wol) WMCST 1537 Ex   £4.00
ECHOBOY Wasted Spaces (one sided vinyl), WASTED1 M   £5.00
ECVM Circuit Breaker (original mix / Pascal Vegas remix), written & produced by J.Sutton/B.Jamieson/J.Van Mellegham/S. Cusack, V001 Ex Ex £4.00
E-DANCER Grab The Beat (Joey Beltram remix) / Pump The Move, p/s, RS 9142 Vg Ex- £7.00
EDDIE AND THE TIDE Just Gotta Rock / Never Stop Believin', 12" single from the album Dig Down Deep, p/s, 1988-101 Ex Ex £15.00
EDDY Someday (Diesel and Ether live an direct mix / Man City dub / Man City vocal / Sound of Stockwell dub / downbeat radio mix), 12TIV-14 Ex   £4.50
EDDY AND THE SOULBAND feat. Mahogany Theme From "Shaft" (hot pursuit mix / extended version) / Love Train (station cut), (wol), co.sleeve, Break 308467 Ex   £4.00
EDMUNDS, DAVE King Of Love / Stay With Me Tonight / Every Time I See Her, (wol) p/s, 12CL 568 Ex Vg £4.00
EDMUNDS, DAVE King Of Love / Stay With Me Tonight / Every Time I See Her, p/s, 12CL 568 Ex Vg £3.50
EDWARDS, ALTON Shining Light (extended version) / To Have A Friend, (PROMO) p/s, CBS A 13 2767 Ex Vg £5.00
EDWARDS, JAYNE Harmony / I Got It, RCAT365 Ex Ex £4.00
EDWIN STARR Can't Stop Thinking About You (6:42) / Can't Stop Thinking About You (3:48) / Loves Growing, Green Vinyl 12", picture sleeve autographed by Edwin Starr on front, CLIX 12309 Ex Ex £6.00
EINSTEIN Gotstago (produced by Norman Cook) + Instrumental / Food For Thought, (wol/sol), NOTE 31 Ex-   £5.00
ELECTRIC BOYS All Lips 'N' Hips / Hallelujah (I'm On Fire) / Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride, p/s, VERX 48 Ex Ex £4.00
ELECTRIC BOYS Electrified E.P. 4 tracks VERX 50 Vg Vg £4.50
ELECTRIC LOVE HOGS Tribal Monkey / Mr Fun / The Fix, p/s, LONX 332 Vg+ Ex £4.00
ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE Revelation (Original mix / Continental remix), PROMO, DATA5 Ex   £5.00
ELEVATORMAN Funk & Drive (Grinstretcher mix / Grinstretcher dub), p/s, WIRED 1311 NM Ex £3.00
ELVIS COSTELLO (THE COSTELLO SHOW) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (feat. Confederates) / Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo (feat. Attractions) / Get Yourself another Fool, p/s, ZT 40556 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
EMF I Believe, 12R 6279 Ex Ex £4.00
EMMANUEL Emmanuel (12" extended dance mix / instrumental RU readi mix / 7" radio mix, p/s, O.B.E.3 Ex Ex £4.00
ENFORCERS VOL. 8 Various Artists Enforcers Vol. 8 V/A, 12" Picture Disc: Energy / The Rehearsal / Blow Down / Manix, in clear PVC sleeve, RIVET 1273 Ex   £7.00
ENGINEERS Home (Jagz Kooner funhouse remix / Mogwai Wazzap remix / original version), titled sleeve, ECDJ 166 Ex- Ex £3.00
ENGLANDNEWORDER World In Motion (No alla violenza mix / Carabinieri mix), UK Factory Promo, WFACX 293 NM   £4.00
ENID Then There Were None / Letter From America / Raindown, p/s, 12EMI 5505 NM Ex+ £6.00
ERASURE Who Needs Love Like That (Legend mix) / Push Me Shove Me (ext. as far as poss mix) / Who Needs Love (instr. Workout mix) p/s, 12 Mute 40 NM NM £4.00
ETA Casual Sub (Burning Spear): Stretch N Vers rocknroll mix / 45 or 33? Radio edit / Danmass remix / hixxys hardcore mix, titled sleeve EW 145T Ex Vg+ £3.00
EVELYN 'CHAMPAGNE' KING I'm So Romantic / Out Of Control / Teenager, RCAT 446 Ex   £4.00
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL Mine / Easy As Sin / Gun Cupboard Love, Blancoynegro, picture sleeve, NEG3-T Ex Ex £4.00
EXELLE Dressed To Kill / Instrumental, Titled sleeve, GeeStreet GEET 30 NM Ex £4.00
EXPLORERS Falling For Nightlife (Midnight mix by Keith Bessey) / Crack The Whip, 12" Picture Disc in sticker titled clear sleeve, VSY 715 12 Ex/Ex Ex £5.00
EXTREME Hole Hearted / Get The Funk Out (12" rmx) / Suzi (Wants her all day what) / Sex n Love, 12" Box with Obi Strip & Poster, shipping at cost due to box AMY 839 NM Ex+ £10.00
EXTREME Rest In Peace (radio edit / LP vers) / Peacemaker die, Ltd Edition 30"x20" Posterbag, new & sealed (bag a bit wrinkled), AMY 0055 New   £6.00
EXTREME Hole Hearted / Get The Funk Out (12" remix) / Suzi (Wants her all day what?) / Sex n' Love, AMY 839 NM   £4.00
F U Q Hot Stuff ( 3 mixes ) wol/sol ROR 5 Ex Vg £4.50
F.P.I, PROJECT present RICH IN PARADISE feat. Sharon Dee Clarke Going Back To My Roots (vocal remix) / Rich In Paradise (original version) / Going Back To My Roots (remix) / Salsa In Paradise (Boom Boom version), RUMAX 9 Ex Ex £4.50
F.P.I. PROJECT Come On (And Do It) W/Label Promo - Original mix / gypsy mix / TC funky mix / mothers at work mix / mothers at work dub, SYNTH 006 Ex Ex- £3.00
F.S. EFFECT Your Luvin' (album version / 12" down low mix / 12" instr.) / Mentally Stable, feat.Prince Markie Dee (hip hop show / bald head / EZ Lee jeep style), USA, 0-40269 Ex   £15.00
FABRIZIO High & Mighty (Fabrizio club mix / carl d'marco mix / Finlays mix), Test Pressing, M2M 1201 Ex   £4.00
FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION Find My Love / Watching The Party / You Send Me / Ay Fond Kiss, p/s, PT 42080 Ex Ex £4.00
FAITH HOPE & CHARITY Battle Of The Sexes (texmix + battlebeats + battledrums), p/s, YZ480T Ex Ex £5.00
FALL, THE Couldn’t Get Ahead / Rollin’ Dany / Petty Thief Lout, UK Beggars Banquet, picture sleeve, BEG 134T Ex Ex £12.00
FAMILY CAT Airplane Gardens / Atmospheric Road / Amazing Hangover, p/s, fcuk003T NM Ex+ £4.00
FAMILY CAT Remember What It Is That You Love / Push Comes To Shove / (Thought I'd Died) And Gone To Heaven, p/s, BGRLT 03 Ex Ex £4.00
FAMILY STAND Shades Of Blue (radio edit) / New World Order / Shades Of Blue (LP vers) / Say Love, p/s, German, 7567-96197-0 NM Ex £3.50
FARLEY, ANDY Stop Rocking (Original mix / Dynamic Intervention remix) AMOK 015 Ex   £4.00
FASHION Love Shadow Smokey Dialogue / Let's Play Dirty Centrefold (ARIST 12483) + bonus 12" Move On (Audio Extra) / Mutant Dance Move (ARIST 12440), UK Arista, picture sleeve Ex+ Ex £4.00
FASHION Dreaming (extended version) / White Line Flyer (extended version), p/s, TA 4327 Ex Vg- £4.00
FASHION Eye Talk (Mutant Version) / Slow Down / Eye Talk (Talk), p/s, TA 4106 Ex Vg+ £3.00
FAST EDDIE feat. SUNDANCE Git On Up (The Fast Eddie mix / Rocky Jones Mix / LP mix) p/s, 655366 6 Ex Ex £4.00
FATHER 69 (Album vers / Uptown swing remix / Album instr), USA, UPT12 54751 Ex   £4.00
FATHER FATHER Father Father / What In The World / Melody, Melody, (sol/wol), p/s, GODX 52 Ex- Ex- £5.00
FATHERFUNKIN' Soul Groove (Underground mix / Funk dub mix / Incisive mix), titled co.sleeve, DMX 020 Ex Ex £3.00
FATIMA MANSIONS 1,000,000% / 1000% / Hive, p/s, SKX 59 NM NM £3.00
FATIMA MANSIONS Hive EP: Hive / Stigmata / Chemical Cosh / The Holy Mugger, plain sleeve SKX 50 Ex   £4.00
FATIMA MANSIONS, THE Hive E.P. - Hive / Stigmata / Chemical Cosh / The Holy Mugger, (water damage to sleeve) SKX 50 Ex G £4.00
FEDERATION Takin' Umbrage / Papas Got A Brand New Gro-bag / Underneath The Archers (acid rain on Ambridge mix), p/s, GROWX 1 Ex Ex £4.00
FEELGOOD RECORDS I Can Make You (Radio edit / extended radio edit / essential club mix / instrumental PA), PROMO, FGRV1001 Ex   £4.00
FEHLMANN'S READY MADE Ready Made (8.25 & 5.52) / Just Call Me Ready Made, (wol), German, 888 511-1 Ex   £4.50
FEHLMANN'S READY MADE Ready Made (jubilee mix) / Ready Made, Promo, TYPE R 2T Ex   £4.00
FIN Headstrong / Trust / Lolita / Sweet Obsession, 10" vinyl, p/s, (tiny chip on blind edge run in) RED 0001 Vg+ Ex £5.00
FINGERPRINTZ Dancing With Myself / Sync Unit / Sean's New Shoes, Green Vinyl, picture sleeve, UK Virgin, VS 23512 Ex- Ex- £5.00
FINITRIBE Love Above (Analog mix) / Sheigra 5 / Love Above (cheeky wee half), p/s, FX258 Vg+ Vg+ £3.00
FINN, TIM Carve You In Marble (full length vers / marble mix) / Hole In My Heart, p/s, VS 866-12 Ex Ex £4.00
FIORILLO, ELISA Forgive Me For Dreaming / More Than Love / How Can I Forget You (extended mix), p/s, elisax2 Ex Vg £4.00
FISCHER Z Big Drum (extended version) / The Camera Lies / Big Drum, UK Arista, p/s, 609 704 Ex Vg £4.00
FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE She's On A Mountain (extended version / 7" version) / Here And Now, (wol), p/s, PT43814 Ex Ex- £4.50
FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE Selfish Days / Market Square / Pieni Suomalainen, p/s, PT 43502 Ex Ex- £4.00
FLAME, THE This Time Tomorrow / Snake Talk (live) / Joe Lean (live) / This Time Tomorrow (live), (wol), p/s, NERVT 8 Ex Vg £5.00
FLAX Intoxication / Come On / Organics, co.sleeve, Netherlands Jinx Records, JX-470 Ex   £4.00
FLOWERED UP Take It (extended) / I'll Be Your Dog (introd. Barry Mooncult) / Phobia (live), p/s, FUPX 1 Ex Ex £6.00
FM Someday (You'll Come Running) extended version / Obsession / Alibi / Someday (You'll Come Running), (wol), p/s, DINKT 1 Ex Ex £4.00
FM Blood And Gasoline / Chinese Whispers / Some Kind Of Wonderful (live) / I'll Be Creeping (live), UK Music For Nations, picture sleeve, 2 KUT 147 NM Ex £4.50
FM 12" I Heard It Through The Grapevine / Hot Love / Fuel To The Fire, (wol/sol), p/s, 12 KUT 142 Ex Vg £4.50
FOOL BOONA Popped (PROMO) VCRTDJ 46 Ex   £3.00
FORCE DESIRE Jazzy Keith / Jazzy Keith (Go Go version / Go Go Go version), (wol/sol), PRO-7153 Ex   £4.00
FORCE OF ANGELS Methods To My Madness EP: Methods To My Madness / Sea Of Chaos, titled sleeve, L.A.1 Ex Vg+ £3.00
FORCE, THE The Dirty Dog / Rock Your Baby, UK Philadelphia Int. titled co.sleeve, S PIR 13 7928 Ex Ex £3.00
FORD, PENNYE Dangerous (remix) / Change Your Wicked Way (remix no. 1), p/s, FT 49976 Ex Ex £4.00
FOREHEADS IN A FISH TANK Moaning Mini (12" E.P.) / Queen Mother / Baby Love / Lemon Sole, p/s, (Stuff Records), SRT-9KLS-2026 Ex Ex £4.00
FOUR TOPS Reach Out I'll Be There ('88 12" remix / orig mix / instrumental) / Standing In The Shadows Of Love, p/s, ZT 41944 Ex Ex £3.50
FOUR TOPS Put It On The News / When Your Dreams Take Wings And Fly (ABC Records) ABCT 4235 Ex   £4.00
FOURWAY CROSS Shimmer / That's All / Interstate / Peregrine, pic insert, (wol), USA, Motiv005 Ex   £6.00
FPI PROJECT Risky (original mix) / Risky Is Rhythm (original mix) / Risky Is Piano (bonus mix), titled co.sleeve, S12DJ103 NM NM £4.50
FRAMES, THE Picture Of Love / Shake You / Downhill From Here, p/s, 12IS 557 Ex Ex- £4.00
FRANCIS, WINSTON You Are My Everything (extended version / rhythm & vocal version / extended dub instrumental). p/s, 612 570 Ex Ex £5.00
FRANK KÜNNE L.O.V.E. (Liquid child rmx / Sat.night club mx / vocal radio edit), co.sleeve, Tide 025-6 NM/Ex Ex £4.00
FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH You Got Livin' / Purple Haze / The World Anthem / Tales Of The Unexpected, p/s, S CBS 12 8637 Ex- Ex £4.00
FRANK-E & MARS-L Song Of The Holyman / Song Of The Holyman (remix), titled co.sleeve, MF1004 Ex Ex £7.00
FRANKFURTER Eat EP: Hey Stupids present Frankfurter, 8 track 12", sticker titled sleeve with lyric/cartoon insert & Vinyl Solution mail order insert, FART 1 Ex Ex £8.00
FRANKLIN, RODNEY The Groove / God Bless The Blues, UK CBS, S CBS 13 8529 Ex   £3.00
FRANKLYN, CHEVELLE Serious Girl (mafia mix / drum mix / off the Hook mix / Jamaican mix) / Rub It Here & Rub It There (hip hop R & B feat. John King) 0-95667 Ex   £4.00
FRATELLI Ballare (Stressato mix) / Corsa (Disco mix) / Amore (Verna X Mix), Italian, (wol), 00AVA 1 Ex   £5.00
FRAZIER CHORUS Cloud 8 (Swing Machine Vocal Mix / Richie Rich Reconstruction / 7" verson) (wol), p/s, VSTX 1252 Ex Ex £4.00
FREAKS OF DESIRE Strange Things / This / Strange Things (version) / Down, PROMO, SAM 1317 Ex   £4.00
FREDDIE JAMES Get Up And Boogie / Get Up And Boogie (Edit), USA Warner Bros, DWBS 8857 Ex   £4.00
FREEMAN, GAIL Danger In The Airwaves (extended vocal version / edited vocal version / EMU dub), 12 SAV 102 Ex   £4.00
FROU FROU Must Be Dreaming (ruff & jam nightmare dub / laser mix), PROMO, 12FROU5 Ex   £4.00
FULL INTENTION America (I Love America) - original sugar daddy 12" mix / LA beats / full length vocal mix / Nu York, (wol), p/s, 12 STR 56 Ex- Ex £3.50
FULL INTENTION PRESENTS SHEENA I'll Be Waiting (Gray & Pearn Club Mix / Brother Brown Copenhagen Dub Remix) p/s, RULIN17T NM NM £4.50
FUNK NOSE Release The Tension / Whole Lotta Rock, RENN 3010 NM   £4.00
FUNKY CHOAD feat. NICK SKITZ The Ultimate (Choad extended mix / Tall Paul remix / Tall Paul Bassline remix) PROMO, FXDJ 341 Vg+   £4.00
FUNKY WORM, THE Hustle (to the music) Predora mix / Hustle! Free-style Sax, FON15T
Ex Ex £4.00
FUNKY WORM, THE The Spel (Get Down With The Genie), p/s, FOM 16T Ex Ex £4.00
FUNKY WORM, THE 12" U + Me = Love (12" version / ten city remix / instrumental), FON 19T Ex   £4.00
FUNKY WORM, THE The Spell Slammer Mixer! (El Mezeal mix / The Slammer / Eat The Worm, FON 16SAM Ex   £4.00
FUTURE BREEZE Temple Of Dreams (club instrumental remix / electrique boutique remix), p/s, DATA31T Ex Ex £4.00
FUTURE FUNK The Early Years - The Times / Ain't It Funky / Black Classical Music / Take It Away / Switch Lock / Dark Side Of The Moon / Funky Clave / House Market II, 2 x 12" set, p/s, PLACUKLP005-3 Ex Ex- £8.00
FUTURECAST Life On The Edge (original mix / Skope remix), Test Pressing, pod12001 Ex   £4.00
FUZZ TOWNSHEND Smash It (PROMO), ECDJ 471 Ex   £4.00
FUZZWEED Hold On...To My Love (Vicks mix / instrumental) / Dream (golden syrup mix / fuzzweed professor mix), PROMO, GOD 001 Ex+   £3.50
G UNIT Stunt 101 (album version) / Gunz For Sale / Instrumental, p/s, 9861633 Ex- Ex- £3.50
GABRIELLE Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile), Agent Sumo remix / E-Smoove remix / Dimitri & Tom remix / E-Smoove dub, 2 x 12" set PROMO, SMILE12 Ex Ex £5.00
GABRIELLE Should I Stay (K-Warren remix / K-Warren dub), titled sleeve, SIS1 (587 807-1) Vg+   £3.00
GALLIANO Jus' Reach / Jus' Reach (Easy Nuh star) / Instrumental (Easy Huh star), p/s, TLKX 16 NM Ex+ £4.00
GALLIANO Prince Of Peace (12" mix / instrumental) / Tales Of The G / Golden Flower, p/s, TLKX 24 Vg+ Vg+ £4.00
GALLIANO Jus' Reach (12" mix / Mystic Micks) / Hungry Like A Baby / From The North, From The South, p/s, TLKX 29 Ex- Ex- £4.00
GALLIANO Welcome To The Story (12" mix / peace go with you dub / peace go with you brother remix), p/s, TLKX3 NM Ex £4.00
GALOMOTA More & More / Oalo 1.0 / Sweet Song / Didim / Yeah / Jack That / I'm Thinking About You, 2 x 12" pack, p/s, KIF017 Ex Ex- £5.00
GAMBADUBS Disco Theme / Open Your Mind / Make Me Feel Good / Vortex, co.sleeve, FRG 002 Ex   £3.00
GAMMA feat. Ronnie Montrose Dirty City / Four Horsemen / Solar Heat / Ready For Action, p/s, K 12517 T Ex- Vg £4.00
GAMMON, PATRICK Do My Ditty, p/s, AMX132 Ex Ex £5.00
GANGSTERS OF HOUSE There Was Something Going On / Shoot Up The House / Rare Liquor Mix, p/s, 12 HTP1 Vg+ Ex- £3.00
GANGSTERS OF HOUSE The Gangsters EP: Something Going On '89 / Got To Give It Up / Logical Man / If The Gangsters Say Jack, You Jack, 12 HTP 4 Ex-   £4.00
GAP BAND Opps Upside Your Head ('87 Extended mix) / Oops Upper Cut (extended dub mix), JABX 54 NM   £3.50
GAP BAND, THE I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (extended version) / I'm Gonna Git You Sucka / Tripped Out (dub version), (wol), p/s, 612 016 Ex Ex- £4.00
GARDIER, DONNA Reach Out 3 mixes pic sleeve VST 1325 Ex Ex £4.50
GARDINER, BORIS Guilty PMD 3236 Vg+   £4.00
GARDINER, BORIS (Dominate / Lee Van Cliff) Guilty / Not Guilty, PMD 3236 Vg-   £3.00
GARY BYRD & THE G.B. EXPERIENCE The Crown (vocal + instrumental), p/s, TMGT 1312 Ex- Ex- £4.00
GARY BYRD AND THE G.B. EXPERIENCE The Crown (Vocal / Instrumental), UK Motown, p/s, TMGT 1312 Ex Ex £4.00
GARY NUMAN I Can't Stop / Faces, 10" vinyl with free 7" flexi disc, p/s, NUDJ 17 Ex Ex £4.00
GARY NUMAN She's Got Claws / I Sing Rain / Exhibition, p/s, UK Beggars Banquet, BEC 62(T) NM Ex £4.00
GARY NUMAN Your Fascination / We Need It / Anthem, p/s, NUM 9 NM NM £4.00
GARY NUMAN We Take Mystery (To Bed) (extended) / The Image Is / We Take Mystery (early version) p/s, BEG 77(T) NM Ex £4.00
GAYE BYKERS ON ACID The Janice Long Session: Don;t Be Human Eric / Ruby Red Lips / Get On Up To Get Down / Space Rape, p/s, Strange Fruit SFNT 010 Ex Vg £4.00
GAYE BYKERS ON ACID Git Down (Shake Your Thang) / Tolchocked by Kenny Pride / Go Go In Out, In Out Garotschka, p/s, VST 1008 Vg+ Ex £4.00
GAYLAND Get By (extended club / Aceedo amigo / Acappella / Martini luv mix / Martini groove mix), titled sleeve, (Italian), UMM 133 Ex Ex £4.00
GEE MORRIS Touch A Hand, Make A Friend (Boogie Foot Mix / Simon Harris 12" remix) / Gee's Groove, p/s, INDX 2 NM Ex £3.00
GENERAL PUBLIC Faults And All ( ext. mix ) / Taking The Day Off wol/sol VS 870 Vg Vg £5.00
GENERAL PUBLIC General Public (longer) / Dishwasher (longer), UK Virgin, pic.sleeve, VS659 12 Ex Ex £4.00
GENESIS That's All / Taking It Too Hard / Firth Of Fifth, die-cut titled "brown paper" sleeve, TATA 1-12 Ex Vg+ £4.00
GENESIS No Son Of Mine / Living Forever / Invisible Touch (live), G/Fold sleeve with Ltd Edition Water Colour Print, p/s, GENS 612 Ex- NM £5.00
GENESIS Illegal Alien / Turn It On Again (Live), p/s, AL1-12 NM Ex+ £3.50
GEORGE HATCHER BAND Have Band Will Travel EP, Ltd Edition 10", Statesboro Blues / Rockin In The Morning / Good Friend / Drinking Man, p/s, EXP 100 Ex Ex- £4.00
GEORGE HATCHER BAND Have Band Will Travel 10" EP: Statesboro Blues / Rockin' In The Morning / Good Friend / Drinkin' Man, p/s, EXP 100 Ex- Vg+ £4.00
GEORGE MICHAEL A Different Corner / Instrumental, g/fold sleeve, GTA 7033 Ex Ex £4.00
GEORGE, ROBIN The History 12" - Go Down Fighting / Run In The Dark / Too Late / History / All My Life / Daylite, (wol/sol), p/s, ROB 121 Ex Ex- £4.50
GEORGIA SATELLITES, THE Battleship Chains (LP version + party mix), p/s, EKR 58T Ex Ex £4.00
GEORGIE PORGIE Take Me Higher (Georgie's music plant mix / UBQ dub / MO's Club Mix / GP & The Don dub) PROMO, WMCST 40031 Ex   £5.00
GEORGIO Lover's Lane (new after hours vocal mix / club mix / Georgio's Love Dance mix) p/s, ZT 41612 Ex Ex £4.00
GERALD ELMS presents G-Club Volume 1: Gotta Keep On / Free Your Mind, titled sleeve, ULT 12006 Ex Ex- £3.00
GERIDEAU Bring It Back To Love, 2 x 12" Promo, 7 mixes by Joey Negro, Discofusion, Dem 2, Future Stock, DJ Fern 10 Ex Ex £5.00
GERIDEAU Masquerade (BOP delicious soul mix / MJ Cole vocal / MJ Cole dub) p/s, T FERN 7 Ex- Ex- £3.50
GHOST BUSTERS The Haunted House Mix (Part One / Part Two), PROMO, AW 400 NM   £3.00
GIRAULT, MARTINE Revival (orig.mix / funky vibes mix) / 'Cause It Matters To Me (Quiet fire / renaissance), p/s, FX 205 NM Ex- £6.00
GISELE JACKSON Love Commandments (Danny Tenaglia remix / Twilo accapella / Nevins master blaster mix / Loop da Loop vocal mix), p/s, FESX 28 Ex Ex £3.00
GO! TEAM, THE The Power Is On / Hold Yr Terror Close / The Ice Storm, p/s, M1039T Ex Vg+ £3.50
GODLOOP The Crazy Gods Of Endless Noise (single sided disc) p/s Ex Ex £3.00
GOLDIE LOOKIN CHAIN Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do (Dirty / Clean), Promo, p/s, CLARTDJ1 Ex Ex £3.00
GONZALES Let's Groove Again / Pranksterdam / Gonna Get Off Right Away EFA 55228-6 Ex   £4.00
GORDON GILTRAP BAND Fear Of The Dark / Catwalk Blues / Inner Dream, 12" Picture Disc, titled clear sleeve, LWOP29 Ex/Ex Ex £4.50
GRAND, DAVID Change (alternate mix / dub version) / Fire Me Up, (wol), POSPX 871 Ex   £3.50
GREAVES, DENNIS & THE TRUTH God Gave Rock & Roll To You (2 versions) / Come On Back To Me, p/s, EIRST 119 Vg Vg £3.00
GREEN JELLY Anarchy In The UK / Three Little Pigs (blowin down the house mix) / Green Jelly Theme Song, 74321 15905-1 Ex   £4.00
GREG STREET feat. Trina & Deuce Poppi Thug Like Me (modified vers / Explicit / Instrumental, PR 300856 Ex   £3.50
GREGORY HINES You Need Somebody / There's Nothing Better Than Love / That Girl Wants To Dance With Me / You Need Somebody (instr) p/s, 653109 6 NM Ex £3.50
GREGORY ISAACS Bang Belly / Belly Bang Version (Music Composition Own by Tads Music), co.sleeve, TRD DISC 15586 Ex Ex £10.00
GRIFFIN, CLIVE Reach For The Top (Funky Beats / S & P mix), PROMO, (wol), STEPRDJ 512 Ex   £4.00
GRIP, THE When The Rain Comes Down / Baby Blue / England Your Dead / Crush On You, p/s, RPG 001 Ex Vg+ £4.50
GRIP, THE Look What You've Done / Old, Getting Older / Cry Baby Cry, p/s, SUR T 49 Ex Vg £4.00
GROOVE COMMITTEE You Need Someone (club mix / accapella / groove committee dub / original dub) co.sleeve, MRV 003 Ex Ex £3.00
GROOVE CORPORATION feat. Romillie Rain (12" vocal mix / rain dub mix / rain mother mix / terror bass dub), p/s, sixt 109 Ex Ex £4.00
GROOVEZONE Eisbaer (Jark Prongo remix / Plastic Park meets Alexander Purkart remix / Houstrap remix / original extended mix), 12AD0065 Ex-   £8.00
GUMBALL Accelerator / Straight Line / Chew The Chew, Big Cat Records, p/s, ABB 48T Ex Ex £4.00
GUN Better Days / When You Love Somebody / Coming Home, p/s, AMY 505 Ex Ex £4.00
GUS GUS VIP, 2 x 12" sides C,D,E & F: Francois K vocal mix / Ron Trent dub mix / Francois K dub mix / Ron Trent vocal mix, GUS28 Ex-   £6.00
GUSTO Materialistic Girl (12" vocal / instrumental / radio version / dub) USA PROMO, (wol/sol), PRO-450 Ex-   £4.50
GUTHRIE HANDLEY with Wayne Hussey Where Was? / Ha Ha World / Where Was? (instr)/ Four Boats Still Negative, p/s, LTS 21T Ex Ex- £10.00
GYPSY KINGS The Hits Medley (club mix / album vers / RLP megamix), Columbia Promo, XPR 2082 Ex-   £4.00
H FACTOR I Love You (extended mix) / La Bamba / Just A Touch, EIRST 133 Ex-   £4.00
H. FUJIWARA / M KOPELMAN On Goes The Beat (H. Fujiwara / M. Kopelman) / Oriental Oasis (Bill Laswell & T. Touitou), A.P.C. 010 M M £7.00
H:FOUNDATION Night:life 02, 2 x 12" 8 tracks, NRKMXV02 Ex- Ex £5.00
H20 feat. Billie Nobody's Business (Euro vocal / sharp extended vocal remix / deep zone club mix / bees wax dub), p/s, 581 883-1 Vg+ Ex £4.00
H20 feat. Billie Nobody's Business, Deep Zone Mixes, 2x12" Limited Edition DJ Copy, p/s, 581 893-1 Ex Ex £4.00
H2F You Make Me Dance (disco edit) one sided vinyl, DAMGOOD 25 Ex   £4.00
H2O I Dream To Sleep /I Dream To Sleep (short vers) / Burn To Win / I Dream To Sleep (engineers mix), p/s, UK RCA, RCAT 330 Ex Ex £5.00
HABIT Fly Like An Eagle (The Subwoofer mix / The Eaglet Mix), (wol/sol), p/s, VST 1248 Ex Ex £4.00
HABIT Lucy (TFZ mix) / Rise, (wol/sol), p/s, VST 1063 Ex Vg+ £4.00
HABIT Lucy (ltd edition 10 inch single) / Rise, die cut 10 inch sleeve, VSA 1063 Ex Ex £4.00
HAIFA Unbreak My Heart (original mix / radio edit) (one sided promo) WTEN 009 Ex   £3.50
HAIRSTON, CURTIS Chillin' Out (vocal remix / vocal dub / instrumental / vocal, edit of remix) 0-86759 Ex   £4.00
HALF PINT Stomp N' Grind (club mix / dub mix / instrumental mix), USA, VR 1208 Ex   £6.00
HAMMER DAMAGE The Endless Cycle E.P: Bigger Kicks (slightly shorter vers) / I Don't Need Forgiveness / No Not This Fuckin' Time, titled sleeve , SV007 Ex   £5.00
HAPPY MONDAYS The Peel Sessions: Tart Tart / Mad Cyril / Do It Better, UK Strange Fruit Records, picture sleeve with Strange Fruit advertising inner sleeve, SFPS077 NM NM £10.00
HAPPY MONDAYS Freaky Dancin’ (Live) / The Egg (mix) / Freaky Dancin’, UK Factory Records, labels have some light discolouration spots, FAC 142 Ex Ex £6.00
HAPPY MONDAYS The Peel Sessions: Tart Tart / Mad Cyril / Do It Better, UK Strange Fruit Records, picture sleeve with original Strange Fruit printed inner sleeve, SFPS077 Ex Ex £8.00
HARDCASTLE, PAUL The Wizard (extended version), p/s, PAULX 3 Ex Ex £4.00
HARDCASTLE, PAUL Just For Money (extended version) / Back In Time, p/s, CASHX 1 Ex Ex £4.00
HARDCASTLE, PAUL Eat Your Heart Out (Extended vers) / Rain Forest (remix), p/s, UK Cooltempo, COOLX 102 Vg+ Vg+ £3.00
HARDCASTLE, PAUL Rain Forest / Forest Fire, BlueBird / 10 Records, BRT 15 Ex-   £3.50
HARRY J ALL STARS / THE PIONEERS Liquidator (Harry J All Stars) / Long Shot Kick De Bucket (The Pioneers), UK Trojan light blue labels, picture sleeve, TROT 9063 Ex Ex £7.00
HAWKE AND GOD WITHIN Acid Funk ( 2x12" 7 mixes ) HK 009 New   £7.00
HAYSI FANTAYZEE John Wayne Is Big Leggy (groovly long vers) / Sabres Of Paradise / John Wayne Is Big Leggy, p/s, RGT 100 Ex- Ex £4.00
HEADRILLAZ The Right Way (12" edit / Drillaz Scapula remix / Depth charge mix) p/s, VVR5002336 Ex Ex £3.00
HEADSWIM Crawl / Apprecticed To Pain / Morning Song, p/s, 661225 6 NM Ex £4.00
HEALY, JEREMY & AMOS Stamp! (original mix / rhythm masters mad mix / Northern boyz remix) p/s, 12TIV-65 Ex Ex £4.00
HEART There's The Girl (12" remix / 7" remix) / Bad Animals, 12CL 473 Ex   £3.50
HEAVE Pig Pretty / 12XU, Promo, Heve DJ1 Ex   £4.00
HEAVY SHIFT Come Alive (radio remix / reanimating remix), (wol/sol), CTT 17 Vg+   £4.00
HERB ALPERT Keep Your Eye On Me (extended vers) / Our Song, p/s, USAT 602 Ex- Ex- £4.00
HERBIE MANN Superman Etagui, USA Atlantic, KD 4708 NM Ex+ £4.50
HERE'S MY A Rapination (feat. Carol Kenyon) - Rapinos Roundhouse/Rapinos meet Ayrton Senna + 3 tracks on B side) PROMO, CK1 (LUK 017) Ex Ex £4.00
HERMIT CRABS Yeah! / Surfer Girl Metallica / I Think We're Alone Now / Yeah! (Cake Mix), UK Thunderball Records, picture sleeve, 12 TBL 1 Ex Ex £5.00
HEWETT, HOWARD Stay (3 mixes) Eye On You / p/s EKR 51T Ex Ex £4.00
HI TEK 3 feat. YA KID K Spin That Wheel (Turtles Get Real) - 12" Pizza Mix / 7" Pizza Mix / 12" Pizza Dub Mix, (wol), p/s, 12 BORG 16 Ex Ex £8.00
HIGH DENSITY Make It Hot / Make It Hot (I Can't Understand It), wol, SUN 9 Ex   £4.00
HIGH ON LIFE Good Times (Temptation mix / Breathless mix / Heavenly dub) M12FAC1 Ex Ex £4.00
HIGH, THE Take Your Time / Bombay Mix Live (full length version) rec. at The New Century Hall, Manchester 1990, p/s, KINX 280 Ex Ex £4.00
HIGH, THE P.W.A. / P.W.A. (instrumental) / Box Set Go, (wol), p/s, LONX 261 Ex Ex £4.50
HIGHER GROUND Somebody (cheatin' mix / reachin' mix / higher ground) PROMO, COOLXW 239 Ex   £4.00
HIGHLANDERS, THE Children Wonder Why / Back To Land / Lament, (wol) p/s, VST 1217 Ex Ex £4.00
HIGHLANDERS, THE Tell Me Things (extended version) / No Mean City, (wol), p/s, VST 1130 Ex Ex £4.00
HIGHLANDERS, THE Tell Me Things (12" Extended vers) / No Mean City, (Pre-Release Promo), Titled sleeve, VST 1130 DJ Ex Ex £3.00
HIGHLINERS The Benny Hill Boogie / Surfer Jones (radio mix / surf mix), p/s, RZST 115 NM/Ex Ex £4.00
HINDSIGHT Heaven's Just A Breath Away (the Bliss mix) / Comes The Sunshine / Small change (Corn Xchange mix) / Heaven's Just A Breath Away (Heaven Can Wait), 2 x 12" pack, (wol/sos), p/s, YRD 3 Ex Vg £6.00
HINDSIGHT Heaven's Just A Breath Away (Bliss mix / Paradise Lost), orig. titled sleeve, YRTPR 3 Ex Ex £3.50
HIPSWAY Ask The Lord (Extended Version), p/s, LORDX 1 Ex Ex £4.00
HIT 'N' HIDE Space Invaders (extended vers / radio edit / Hyperspace mix), Promo, 12 DJ Globe 182 Ex   £5.00
HOLLIDAY, ROMAN Stand By / Round And Round / One More Jily / Stand By, p/s, JIVE T 31 Ex Ex £4.00
HONEYDRIPPERS Volume One: I Get A Thrill / Sea Of Love / I Got A Woman / Young Boy Blues / Rockin' At Midnight, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, German Esparanza, 790 220-1 Ex Ex £4.00
HONEYMOON SUITE Other Side Of Midnight / Fast Company / Feel It Again / Stay In The Light, (wol), p/s, YZ185(T) Ex Ex- £4.50
HONEYTUNNEL Electro-Magnetic / Lust & Wonder, EYET34 NM   £5.00
HONKY Love Thy Neighbour / Kwessle Kwottle / Love Thy Neighbour (funky junkie mix) / Sinister Sister (dub), Promo, titled sleeve, SAM 1329 Ex Ex £3.00
HOT HOUSE Crazy / My Boys Arms / Pull Over (onto my soft shoulder), p/s, K Deconstruction, PT 42114 Ex Ex £3.50
HOTHOUSE FLOWERS Give It Up / If You're Happy Bean Pháidín, p/s, LONX 258 NM NM £4.00
HOUSE MASTER BOYZ AND THE RUDE BOY OF HOUSE House Nation / Acca House / Track'n The House, MAGDT 1 Ex-   £4.00
HOUSE OF LOVE, THE Shine On / Allergy / ScratchInsideed, Fontana Promo, Titled sleeve, HOL312 Ex Ex £4.00
HOWARD KENNEY Save Some For The Children / Can't Wait To Make You Mine, UK Warner Bros, titled sleeve, LV 15 Ex Ex £3.00
HUGHES, HOWARD Paleface (extended version) / Big Badge On / Paleface (MS 45 dub) / Beat Girl (wol) p/s, EGOX 38 Ex Vg £4.00
HUMAN NATURE Whisper Your Name (club mix/master mix/original radio edit) New   £4.00
HUMANOID Slam, PROMO, PPL Ex   £4.00
HURRICANE Coast To Coast (PROMO), WIJ71T Ex Ex £4.00
HURRICANE #1 Step Into My World (The Perfecto mix / The Perfecto dub), UK Creation Promo, CTP 276 NM   £3.00
HYDRA Let Me Be Your Worm, p/s, 573 437-1 Ex Ex £4.00
HYPERLOGIC Only Me (Red Jerry mix / original mix / P & C mix / Journey Part 1), p/s, SYSX 15 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
I.D. So Saxy (mystical mix of Egypt / original sounds of the desert mix), Co. sleeve, RUMBLE 009t Ex   £4.00
IAN McCULLOCH Proud To Fall (album vers) / Everything Is Real / The Circle Game, p/s, YZ417TX NM Ex £4.00
IAN McNABB I Go My Own Way / Play The Hand They Deal You / If My Daddy Could See Me Now / For You, Angel, 10" vinyl, p/s, WAY 1688 Ex Ex £4.00
ICE CUBE Really Doe (vocal / instr) / My Skin Is My Sin (vocal / instr), p/s, 12 BRW 302 NM Ex £4.00
ICICLE WORKS Who Do You Want For Your Love / Understanding Jane (live) / Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Roadhouse Blues, p/s, BEG 172T Ex Vg £3.00
ICY D & DOC DAZE Get On Up And Dance (club mx / accapella / 7" mx) ./ Gotta Like Hip House (12" mx) p/s, DOM T13 Ex Ex £3.00
IF? If - The Grid remixes (come the revolution mix / kill Wagner mix), p/s, MCSX 1531 NM Ex+ £3.00
IMPELLITTERI Lost In The Rain / Play With Fire / Burningg / I'll Be Searching, USA Relativity, 88561-8219-1 Vg+ Vg+ £8.00
INCREDIBLE T.H. SCRATCHERS starring Freddy Love Hip Hop Bommi Bop / Hip Hop Bommi Bop Bop, German Totenkopf, p/s, TOT 5 Ex Vg £4.00
INDIGO JONES Protegidos EP: Prince Of Spain / Killing In The Winds / Bloody Valentine (live) / Coming Home / Protegidos, p/s, INDIGO 02 Ex Ex £4.00
INFINITY fear. Eddie Ganz For Your Love (Infinit love mix / Infinit dub), Strictly Rhythm USA, titled sleeve, SR 12575 Ex Ex £5.00
INSPECTOR MORSE Morse (He's A Mystery To Me ) dreaming spires mix / Pheloung / instrumental, VST1418 New   £3.00
INTASTELLA Point Hope (The Future Is For You / Back To Basics / The Future), GXYTDJ2002 Ex   £4.00
INTEGRATION MEETS DAVE CAMACHO All Around / I Need You / 4 Love / Trippin', NNR015 Ex-   £4.00
INTER - PROJECTION Star ( free bass part ll ) Ex Ex £5.00
INTER-PROJECTION Star / Tie Me Up, (sol/wol), p/s, MCST 1540 Ex Ex £4.00
INTRO Love Thang (R&B mix / Hip Hop mix / Hip Hop instr./ Jazz version, p/s, A 7374 Ex Ex- £4.00
IRIE, TIPPA Hello Darling + instrumental mix + saxophone mix, p/s, TIPPA T4 Ex Ex £4.00
ISLEY JASPER ISLEY Caravan Of Love / I Can't Get Over Losin' You, p/s, TA 6612 Ex Vg+ £4.00
ISLEY, JASPER, ISLEY Kiss And Tell TX 6081 Ex Vg £5.00
IZIT Everwhere (izit everywhere part 2 / elijah's blue / delta freestyle jam / male stripper) p/s, TNG 12012 Ex Ex £4.00
J.A.L.N. BAND Mockin' Bird Hill / Movin' City High, 12 MAG 137 Ex-   £5.00
JACKIE WILSON Reet Petite (extended show horror mix / orig.enhanced mx) / You Brought About A Change In Me / I'm The One To Dit It, p/s, SKM 12 3 Ex Ex £4.00
JACKSON, JERMAINE Let's Get Serious / Je Vois Aime Beaucoup (I Love You), UK Motown, co.sleeve, 12TMG 1183 NM Ex £4.00
JACKSON, MILLIE Hot, Wild, Unrestricted! Crazy Love (extended version / 7" version / Album Version / Instrumental version) white label PROMO, JIVET 131 Ex-   £3.50
JACKSON, MILLIE & ISAAC HAYES Feels Like The First Time / Sweet Music, Soft Lights, And You, POSPX 87 Ex   £4.00
JAM & SPOON, feat. Plavka Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo), p/s, 662638 6 Ex Ex £4.00
JAM MACHINE, THE Everyday (Underground mix / Freestyle mix / New Age mix) PT 43300 Ex-   £4.00
JAM TRONIC Another Day In Paradise (The Sydney Mix / Ultimate Allstars Mix) / Get On The Raze, p/s, DEBTX 3093 Ex Ex £4.50
JAMES TAYLOR Never Die Young / Valentine's Day / Everyday, UK CBS, p/s, 651204 6 NM NM £4.00
JAMES, RICK High On Your Love Suite / One Mo Hit (Of Your Love) / You And I, p/s, (Dutch) 5C K052Z-62573 Ex Ex £4.00
JAMESTOWN feat. Jocelyn Brown She Got Soul (Harry's 7" / Cactus 7"), p/s, AMY 819 Ex Ex £4.00
JAMICO feat. JACKIE COHEN Sometimes Part 3 (Angel Moraes club mix / Red Square dark & dubby vocal mix / Angel's deep & dark dub / Red Square inst.dub), USA, KSS 1123 Ex   £4.00
JAY SEAN feat. The Rishi Rich Project Eyes On You (Rishis rich club mix / Radio mix / Rishi Rich bouncement remix) / Jay Sean Vs Jay Sean - Me Against Myself, titled sleeve, RELT5 NM NM £3.00
JAYE, MILES Objective (club mix / sax mix / edited club mix / reprise), (wol), p/s, 12 BRW 142 Vg+ Vg £4.00
JAZZY M Jazzin' The Way You Know (ministry mix / pacha dub), Promo, titled co.sleeve, PERF08TP1 Ex Ex £5.00
JB'S ALLSTARS Backfield In Motion (club mix) / Backfield In Motion / Theme From A Beam, p/s, RCAT 384 Ex- Ex £4.50
JEANIE TRACY If This Is Love (Band of Gypsies mix / Judge Jules & Michael Skins Big Organ Vocal mix / Playboys Bingo Bongo vocal / JJ & MM Funky Dub), p/s, 12LOSE63 Vg+ Vg £3.50
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Zoolook (remixed version) / Wooloomooloo / Zoolook (extended dub mix) / Zoolook (effects), UK Polydor, Pre-release Not For Resale promo, plain white card sleeve, POSPX 718-DJ Ex   £12.00
JENKINS, KECHIA Still Waiting (Fly Guy mix / Kechia's House / Damn, that girl can sing dub), (wol/sol), PROFT 250 Ex-   £4.00
JERMAINE, JASON Girlfriend 3 tracks pic sleeve WUF 001 Ex   £4.50
JEROME (I'm Into) Your Love + instrumental, RCAT 225 Vg+   £3.50
JESUS LOVES YOU After The Love (Prophets Of Doom mix / Naughty Norman Normal's Nightie mix) / Generations Of Love (Absolutely Queer remix), p/s, PROT 13-12 Ex Ex £4.50
JET BLACK with Bonnie & Terri Chains Of Love (club mx / scary mx / African rhythm mx), DOM T12 Ex   £4.00
JETS, THE Crush On You (Dakeyne remix) / Right Before My Eyes / Crush on You (instr./acapella), p/s, MCAX 1048 Ex Ex £4.00
JIMMY AND THE DUKE Give A Dog A Bone (Main Bone mix / Jeep mix / Bass Camp mix), PROMO, AMYDJ 821 NM   £4.50
JIMMY BARNES & INXS Good Times / Lou Gramm, Lost In The Shadows (The Lost Boys) / Jimmy Barnes, Love Is Enough / Hardline, p/s, A 7751(T) Ex Ex- £4.00
JIMMY RUFFIN Night Of Love / Songbird, UK RSO, co.sleeve, 2141-272 NM Ex £4.00
JJ If This Is Love / Demin And Blue / If This Is Love (acoustic) / Wedding Day, (wol/sol), p/s, 656609 Ex Ex- £4.50
JNR. MANSON SLAGS Silver Train / Shine / Splatterpussy, p/s, VERT 2T Ex Ex £7.00
JODECI Love U 4 Life (album mix) / Fun 2 Nite (2B3 Brixton mix) / Fun 2 Nite (JM Paradise mix) / Freek 'N You (Mr Dalvin's Freek mix feat. Raekwon), with large exclusive 'signed' band poster, p/s, MCST 2105 Ex+ Ex+ £4.00
JOE BUDDEN Pump It Up (Album version / Instrumental) / Drop Drop (Album version) p/s, 9808881 NM NM £3.00
JOE MONTANA Da Grooves EP: Magic Grooves / Peace Of Mind / Funkship / Da Hip House, titled co.sleeve, DT-107 Ex Ex £4.00
JOHN MELLENCAMP Love & Happiness (La Rock Dance mix / Jezzard club mix / Factory dub), DJ PROMO, MERXDJ 362 Ex   £4.00
JOHN, ELTON Candle In The Wind, p/s, EJS 1512 Ex Ex £5.00
JONES, BARBARA / WILLIE LINDO Please Mister Please (Barbara Jones) / Living Easy (Wille Lindo), p/s, CRT 3 Vg-   £3.50
JOURNEY Whose Crying Now / Don't Stop Believin' / Too Late, p/s, CBS A 13 2725 Ex- Vg £4.00
JOY Bloody Murder On That Dance Floor (full length / radio edit / Giorgio mix / Chita mix), SUB X 07 Ex   £4.00
JOY feat. Gladness Russell Half Past Midnight (Mystic Disco Revelation mix / Radio Edit / Yummie Yummie Yummie mix) / One Hour Later (instrumental) (wol), SUBX 012 Ex   £4.00
JTQ with Noel McKoy Love The Life (Revisited / we're in love mix / we're in love dub / JJ's club vocal / I love life mix / Morales classic 1990 mix), Big Life, BLRT 93 Ex Ex- £4.00
JUMP II FUNK The Disco Biscuits EP, Ltd edition no.381 or 500, BLEEB 01 Ex-   £5.00
JUMPP Bouncy Bouncy, RCAT 160 Ex Ex £4.00
JUNGLE BROTHERS Jungle Brother – True Blue Album Version / Stereo MC’s mix / Urban Takeover mix / Terra Nova, UK Geestreet Records, picture sleeve, GEE5000496 Ex- Ex £4.00
JUNIOR Boy's Own, JBO 18 Ex Ex £4.00
JUNK Get On Da Floor / Do It Boy / On Da Floor (junkyard mix), W/Label Test Press, DET 12005 Ex   £6.00
JUNKIE XL Zerotonine (Slacker's Tens / Junkie XLs extended neurotrasmitter), p/s, FESX 71 Ex Ex £3.00
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